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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Startup idea #4: Platform for developing location based games

I have been spending the past week touring the west coast of US and meeting some interesting companies and VCs. As non-disclosure agreements, I of course cannot discuss anything about them in public. However, they have stimulated more ideas which I will be putting them here in the coming days.

Location based games are coming more and more prominent. The issue is that they are usually one off event. The idea here is to develop a game development platform where users can easily create their very own location based games using simple rules and markers. The game, when completed, can then be sent to their friends for playing. Advertisers or advertising agencies can also use this platform to easily develop their games to promote their products or brands.

I foresee the platform to have an interface that is similar to google maps. Instead of tagging information, the tools will be used for developing the game. There will be a mobile engine that will take the the finished game to the mobile devices.

Updated 23 Nov 2007:
What is missing here are the microchunk elements. How to make the platform such that it allows microchunking to happen? Is it to share codes? character designs? music? If i can figure the microchunk elements for a game platform, I think the potential for exploitation is huge.

Updated: 5th Nov
I just know of a platform called 'where' which allows location based applications to be built on top of it. I wonder if this platform can be used for the game engine I mentioned earlier this year.