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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Startup idea #2: Search applications

This idea was inspired by an Business 2.0 article I read a few months backon search applications (read article here). While the article highlights the opportunites in improving search without coming up with a better algorithm, it tiggers something related in my mind.

There are now hundreds of search engines as well as search functions with all sites including ebay and amazon. What applications can be built on top of these results queries? In my mind, there may be a market for a new Nielson. What Nielson has done for traditional media, this new company should provide in the new media space. How is your product doing in Ebay? What prices are being transacted? Did it get positive mentions in Digg? Was the product site heavily tagged in De.Lic.Ous? How many sites have mentioned your product as determined by Google?

These are all questions waiting to be answered. It needs only somebody with a hell of engineering skill to link it all up andprofit from it.