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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Startup idea #6: Superdistribution for mobile content

Here is a concept that I think is on the brink of taking off: superdistribution. Applying this to mobile content gives a whole new meaning to word of mouth marketing. The problems needed to solve is still cost: cost of uploading and downloading cotent over the network.

Mixercast is an example of how superdistribution can work in the online world. Mobile is another matter. I am currently working on a peer to peer platform but have not found the answer to the cost problem.

Need more research here.

Updated 7th Nov: No progress has been made on this idea. Something is holding back the realisation of this idea which I wonder if it is the reason I mentioned above. Recent example of startups trying this includes Tamago as well as established music labels such as Sony.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Startup Idea #5: Ad-supported blogs for comics

Updated 7 March 2008

Discarded the previous idea on product placement in comics (too small a market and leverages no edge competencies)

To reinvent the comic value chain, it is better to engineer it using markets, networks or communities. Similar to RCRDLBL, an ad-supported network can be created to support blogs of comic creators. With such a network in place, we can do some pretty cool things like:

i) smart aggregator i.e aggregates content and filters it to drive content novelty to users
ii) reverse syndicate i.e. allow aggregated content to be syndicated out to individual blogs
iii) create a new form of mediation/sociality that builds on micro comics?

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Idea Generation #3

Found a list of 50 business ideas by a VC. For reference. LINK

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