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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Startup #10: Personalised Brouchures

Online advertising is personalised and targeted (Adsense). The idea is to build such a system for direct mail brouchures, which currently is mass produced. The current technology infrastructure allows such a system to be constructed. The components of this system conmprise:

i) Build a digital library of assets to create thousands of versions of the brouche for the same company. This library can be built up either through offshore outsourcing or through automated software.

ii)Using data about consumers and computer algorithms, the server will allocate the relevant advertising message to be printed at the brouchures to every person.

iii) A printing system that can print individual brouchures that is economical. Companies like Moo have proved that such a printing system is feasible.

More simply put, the goal is to transform advertising from mass messages that people ignore into personalized messages for each potential customer.