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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Startup Idea#11: Reconstructor for lacking content in search log analysis

Updated: 22 Nov 2007
Completely dropped the previous idea as it is not interesting enough on a strategic and economic level. The replacement idea is this: to have a last.fm type of application to automatically that plugs the gaps as revealed by search log analysis.
(See blog post here for how useful search log analysis can be)

Current search log analysis tells you what is missing in your content, what is the content needed to fulfill the long tail of search queries et al. The greater value is when the application can immediately suggest sources of content to plug the gap. This form of reconstruction has result in tremenduous value creation

Dropped Idea
This idea links up the growing popularity of virtual worlds (see cyworld, club penginue, world of warcraft) with real world chores. A simple virtual world can be created where children gain points and powers, not through accomplishing virtual tasks, but completing tasks in the real world.

Parents can assign tasks to the children in the areas of household chores, learning activities or physical exercises, who can complete them in exchange for points. These points can then be redeemed by the children in the game for points or powers in the virtual game. Parents will prepay the points in the game.

Alternatively, physical world rewards can be used to replacement the virtual worlds. The site can be tied to ecommence sites where children can preselect the gifts they want to redeem. The site then takes a commission for every item redeemed.

As a product expansion, such an idea can be extended to adults. Wifes can set up items to be completed for husbands who will receive gifts for finishing the tasks