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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Startup Idea #17: Arbitrage selling through via live video

Even with ecommerce taking off, there are still many items that require a local presence for purchase. Paintings by local artists is one example. We see many independent artists, especially in the Asia where their paintings are not available online.

A business can be built by using Justin.TV style of service to serve buyers. We can arrange for a virtual shopping session where live video will be stream and broadcast to buyers on the products they are otherwise unable to purchase. For example, we can arrange for a video session to visit painting galleries or roadside stalls where buyers can make their purchase of paintings via telecommunications.All videos will be made available online for buyers who are unable to attend the live sessions.

Updated: 5th Nov
As an extension to this idea, we will build a platform that allows other people to create their live 'shopping channel'. Think how Ebay enables the creation of numerous sell side business and you will have an idea of how this platform can enable many individual businesses to arise. Our own channel just serves as an example of how such a business can be run. The opportunity comes when other users join in the fun.