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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Idea generation #5: Creating new market exchanges

I post in startup idea #18 that we can provide analytics to new markets. On further reflection, that is missing the big picture. While that idea is still worth doing, the bigger value creation will come from creating new marketplaces in areas where there are strong economic gains to be realised. This site tracks such developments.

I have list some interesting markets being created:

Stickk: Marketplace for weight loss
CCE: Marketplace for carbon trading
certificateswap.com: Marketplace for exchanging gift certificates
SpotScount:Marketplace for selling and buying of temporary parking space
ParkingTicket.com: Contesting parking tickets.

Most of the above sites are not true exchanges like what we see in stock exchange. Hence, the opportunities here for new wealth creation is tremendous.

There are also untapped markets. How about the following:
cellphone numbers
journal articles
lead generation

Here is a list of interesting markets that can be developed.