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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Startup Idea #26: New music label

This article highlights a very interesting idea. Brand owners who own major retailing channels have the potential to become the new music labels for independent artists. What is missing to connect the two is a marketplace. In the spirit of bubblegen, we are using a marketplace to coordinate actions of parties such that it is just as efficient for an independent artist to sell through retailers as to do so through music labels.

What is needed on the supply side are hardware or software to make available their 'retailing space' for music. We create the middleware i.e. the marketplace for independent artisits to select the retailers that they wish to play their music on. Retailers can pre-screen the songs to ensure conformity with their brand before they are aired in the retailer's outlets.

On the consumer side, they have the option to instantly purchase the music they heard via their ipod or mp3 players. Alternatively, the music can be free for download if the consumer purchases certain items from the retailers.

Updated: 6 Dec 2007
This idea is not that far fetched if we use this example. It is saying: look guys, we will support your music via advertising. Is it far fetched to stretch to: hey guys, i will promote and sell your music in my store!