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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Startup Idea #31: Toys 2.0 ideas

Stardolls is the inspiration for this toy 2.0 post. I have a few ideas on how to develop this concept.

Idea #1: This idea focuses on games and any other media that have a ready 3D model. We aim to inject plasticity into the figurines, making them customisable. The microchunks are in three forms: (i) postures of figurines, (ii) clothing of figurines and (iii) sensor of figurines.

The last point need further explanation. Imagine figures which can react by actions or voices to other figures that have a prior relationship based on their characters in the animation or games. This is interesting as we are leveraging on the social graph of virtual characters to potentially enhance the social graph of the real world users.

updated: 30 Nov 2007
Somebody is already doing (ii) above. Toys 2.0 is already on its way. The question we have to ask ourselves is why has the above not taken off? No knowledge pool? No viral economies?

updated: 12 Dec 2007
Wow, this is exactly what I was saying except that it has limited community building and customisation. As I said, toys 2.0 is coming.

Idea #2: Bundle a physical package where toys can be remixable via microchunks of their physical parts i.e. different legs, hands, weapons et al. The package should encourage users to submit pictures of their customised toys to our site where the information can be shared. We of course allow users to buy more parts to expand their customisable ability.

Idea #3: We can build a community site where users submit their creation of toys that are made of recyclable materials. See this blog for cool examples.

Idea #4: Web linked toys. See this post of an example. This post gives another perspective. Bringing physical toys with connectivity into the web.


demschreibich said...

Please have a look at http://www.fabidoo.com

aaronchua said...

I did. Quite different in terms of what I have in mind although the end product seems similar.

Thanks for the comment.