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Monday, 28 January 2008

Startup Idea #34: Reconstructing instruction manuals

Upated: 31 Jan 2008

Last idea is kinda of stuck so shift to this one.

Instruction manuals are hard to read and yet necessary for using your new, wonderful gadgets. How about we reconstruct the entire chain of instruction manuals and replace books with full 3D visualisation as well as more immersive media. Imagine seeing 3D models of your gadget with clear visual instructions on how to use it, rather than reading through a thick book.

What is needed to realise this idea? First, create a tool that displays 3D versions of gadgets. Second, have this tool massively distributed so that interested users can use it to create their 3D versions of instruction manuals. Aggregate these distributed 3D manuals and use effective search mechanisms or filters to help users get the help they need.

If this can done correctly, the value creation is enormous.
- due to our search functions, we can effectively aggregate consumer preferences. We can use this info to recommend complementary products or better choices.
- more importantly, we can track and aggregate the main problems for each gadget. This has tremendous value for feedback to product design. It would be an easy step to allow users to modify their 3D gadgets to their dreams, a 3D wish list if you will. How much value can be created out of that?