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Friday, 7 March 2008

Startup idea #40: Microplatform & Ad market for barcodes content

Introduce a micro platform that allows advertisers, consumers, brands and website owners to create their own 2d mobile bar code. The more fun we make this platform, the greater the chance of adoption.

These barcodes will form the content which advertisers can tap on. In other words, we can combine the mirco platform with an advertising market that allows advertisers to bid for barcodes of which to place their URLs.

Besides this HUGE market, the set of accompanying services that can be created such as :
i) clickable type of services for small businesses
ii) efficient frontier type of services i.e. using financial modeling to assist companies to decide on keywords to bid on and the optimal amount to bid--based on countless variables, from past click-through performance to the number of rival bidders, while taking account of constant fluctuations in auction prices et al
iii) measurement and analytic services