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Friday, 28 March 2008

Startup idea #47: Dynamic virtual fashion

Virtual fashion is gaining ground (LINK). However, virtual fashion is still treated very much like real time fashion: static. There is a lot of potential to make virtual fashion more dynamic by, for example, integrating clothing colours with information feeds such as stock market info, weather et al. Imagine your avatar wearing a piece of virtual colour that alerts you as your portfolio of stock declines in value via changes in colour!

What I am proposing here is a microplatform where users can create dynamic virtual fashion items using simple integration with information feeds. Users will have option in terms of
i) The manner which their fashion items can evolve i.e. colours, patterns, size et al
ii) The source of information feeds

The platform will be open where users can contribute different manners of evolution as well as different information source.

In a way, this becomes another form of information visualisation in a virtual space.