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Monday, 21 April 2008

Idea generation #23: Product conversations: new form of social mediation

Found this link through rebang (one of my favorite bloggers btw). The idea here is simple but powerful: what if physical products can relay simple messages? Such conversation starter cannot be overlooked. Many a times, conversations lead to replies, actions, recall et al. The implications are huge!

For example, in the blog post alone, this was mentioned:

A group that represents the elderly in Australia is looking at some technology that can send a message from a kettle.

The thought being that every time the elderly person makes a cup of tea a message is sent to their children, letting them know that they are OK.

This simple message can trigger the children to send messages to their elders, let them know how frequently their parents are drinking tea and whether they are running out et al.

I think lots more value can be created from this.

Updated: 26th April 2008
Terrific example of how a product Twitters.