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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Startup idea #44 (Part II)

Part one of the idea is here

As ad serving technology becomes more open (see post1, post 2 by BuzzMachine), it is now possible for anyone to easily pull together a network of blogs and create their own ad network. In order words, anyone can be a Federated Media.

What is needed to get us from now to there is have an open source platform (like PeopleAggregator but for ad network, rather than social network), where anyone can take the source code, modify them, and even run if off their own servers. Such a platform will need to incorporate the open ad calls of either Google or OpenX, create open standard metrics as well as the bidding infrastructure and make all these into a user-friendly interface. The end result will be a platform where anyone just curate the network of blogs, select this open source platform on top of the blog network, and viola, their very own federated media.