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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Startup Idea #58: Open marketplace for advertiser sponsored widgets

The problem of 'evil' ads is getting out of hand. Somebody should really be doing something. Hey, it is not like there is no obvious solution. Bubblegen has already highlighted one: make an open ad platform where brands can sponsor widgets that add value to their customers.

This idea should be very implementable. Focus on one industry first: see for example how Nike created useful widgets for its sports community. There are plenty of other industries where widgets can add value; how about the eco-industry? create a platform where eco brands can sponsor widgets that e.g. help users track their carbon footprint, visualise their electricity usage, recommend relevant eco products et al. So many possibilities....

Such a platform is the inverse of what Bubblegen has called a 'evil' platform. By choosing to be open and focus on value adding widgets, it will avoid the adverse selection problem like what Facebook is facing now.

Somebody pls do this. I can't stand ads!