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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Startup Idea #60: Network to create free consumer electronics

Continuing from the previous idea generation post about free consumer electronics, this startup idea is about forming a network for linking cheap electronic manufacturers in China to advertisers willing to sponsor free consumer electronics. This, I think, is one type of non-evil branding that BubbleGen talks about.

Free consumer electronics is not like spam. They are bringing something useful to consumers and they are also optional i.e. you are not forced to get it if you don't want it. Hence, sponsoring electronics for consumers is one way of investing in them.

Advertisers, by sponsoring electronics, not only builds a brand that invests in their users but for a cheap price, is getting exclusive 'screen' space. Consider the case that if banks sponsor a location device for users. The banks gain both the branding recall due to the device and the invaluable information about users, including where and what types of services/products they are seeking at what time. All these will enable banks to better tailor their products/services to match users' needs. Of course, banks can also regularly 'spam' their users but that is evil unless done in a way that provides really useful services.

As costs of components continue to slide to zero, it is plausible to take the idea of offering consumers free web applications to physical devices.