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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Startup Idea #61: Markets for climate risk

I have mentioned in this post that creating new forms of market exchanges are huge opportunities.

Given the recent disasters that we see happening in China and Mynmar, why is there no strong interest from startups to solve this type of problems? Problems that are affecting lives and causing series grief to real people.

Climate risk is going to get bigger and bigger. There should be a market where such risks can be mitigated and managed. WeatherBill is one such company but how do you take it down to a personal level?

Creating such markets can yield many benefits. One of which is prediction. If we take it that the market can better predict forth coming disasters, we can then use the information and feed into a simple disaster management system, such as an alert application on a phone. Such things are worth doing and although it will be tough, i will welcome any suggestions, feedback, resources you might have encountered on making markets in climate risk.