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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Startup Idea #64: Media 2.0 for remote medical care

This is another idea on how to reduce healthcare costs using 2.0. One current issue in healthcare is

providing quality medical care for all citizens, even those living in small towns and rural areas. Currently, access to sophisticated healthcare is often restricted to those in major conurbations and people in sparsely populated areas are usually required to seek healthcare some distance from their homes. "These trips can require hours of travel time for a relatively short examination, and thus are neither convenient nor an efficient use of the patient's time," says the team. Conversely, having healthcare workers with specialist knowledge travel to remote areas is equally wasteful of resources at various levels.

Through the use of video conferencing as well as the uploading of vital signs data, doctors can provide medical advice without having to travel to remote areas. To democratise this process further, we also need reputation or verification systems to properly connect patients with healthcare workers. Youtube + verification for healthcare, anyone?