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Friday, 27 June 2008

Startup Idea #68: Personal carbon trading

This is a follow up to my idea generation post on personal carbon trading.

Every time a new market develops, there are opportunities to create value in the new value chains. Every market needs research, rating agencies, trading platforms, derivatives exchanges and the actual exchange itself. With the development of the carbon trading market, we are going to see startups as well as incumbents moving into these space. Let's take a look at the current landscape for the trading value chain in this new market.

Research: I have not seen much development in this area. In Wallstreet, we are seeing companies like Minitor110, Majestic Research, Instant Information using technologies to comb and deliver relevant results to the market. Where is the equivalent for carbon trading?

Updated (3 July 2008): Found a Bloomberg equivalent for carbon markets: Ecosystem Marketplace. The development of the carbon trading sector is faster than I anticipated. Soon, we will begin to see web 2.0 trading services entering this market.

Rating agencies: The likes of moody is necessary to verify the carbon offsets. I am happy that there is at least one such player now (IDEAcarbon). That being said, rating agencies are not the ideal structure. We need open plays here. How can 2.0 transform the rating agencies such that not all power rest in a few big companies? Definitely room to innovate here.

Trading platforms: We are now only seeing experiments in how carbon trading can be brought down into the personal level (
CarbonDAQ - A national experiment in personal carbon trading goes live). If trading do become plausible, we will start to see trading platforms like Betfair coming to the carbon market.

Derivatives: How about a WeatherBill equivalent? An online tool for users to customise and create their own carbon insurance. Is it even possible?

PS: Great resource here on personal carbon trading.