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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Idea generation #40: Fighting obesity with games, udeas from VCs, water economics

Video games fights obesity: Can we construct an open source system for every kid to have a Wii type of gaming system for free, supported by advertisements? This system should be linked to marketplace where activity games can be uploaded for sale by developers.

Ideas from VCs:When the money men speak, you better listen....or shouldn't you, as argued by Umair Haque.

Water economics: This is a great blog on the economics of water trading which I have discovered. For those who believe in the edge economy of markets, networks and community, this should be an interesting read. His recent article on the water scarcity and pricing nails it perfectly.

Saving energy by exposing usage information: The power of information organisation. It is easy to use this model for other markets such as water and carbon.