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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Startup Idea #71: WWGD: Fashion edition

American journalist Jeff Jarvis at the 2008 Wo...Image via WikipediaJeff Jarvis has been blogging about his book, What would Google do (WWGD), and how such thinking can reshape different industries. I have been having fun reading these 2 particular posts, one on remaking restaurants and one on remaking banks.

This got my mind itchy and, with a few minutes to spare, decided to apply WWGD thinking to fashion, an industry
plague with surplus inventory and all sorts of problems.

i) Treat each piece of fashion as a platform and give it for free. Let users create fashion mashup by adding pins, clip-ons et al through an easy to use interface. You make $$ on selling the accessories;

ii) Make your production facilities as the platform. Allow users to submit designs. The best voted design will get manufactured and sold;

iii)Collect data from virtual world fashion to surface the preferences of consumers for product designers. The same idea was articled in this Forbes piece on how Zara can use Stardolls as a form of market research tool.

iv)Give away tools such as OptiTex for free to allow open innovation. Use such technologies as the base to build the Blogger equivalent for users who want to create fashion pieces.

What are your thoughts?