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Monday, 7 July 2008

Startup Idea #72: Data driven: Creating new markets

Continuing the push for data driven startup ideas, I am thinking of how to leverage on online data to form create new forms of industries that lies outside yesterday's definition.

Intelligence on emerging infectious diseases: using online content to trace and predict the movement of infectious disease is going to be a killer. The next thing is to make it easy to plug that information into a country or a city's alert/medical/disease prevention system. Make it into a network where these critical information flows. As BubbleGen has mentioned, whoever make it easy to amplify the flow of data is going to be the winner.

Similar efforts can be found here (Global Public Health Intelligence) and here (Google's Predict and Prevent Initiative).

Forecasting terrorism: A network of analysts sharing information to enable forecasting of terrorism. Great idea! Networking these information into insurance calculations, monitoring systems et al will yield rich startup opportunities.