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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Startup Idea #78: Small idea-Marketplace for websites

This NYtimes article on flipping websites inspire a thought: if websites are becoming more like virtual properties, what startup ideas we can employ from the real estate properties?

Search Engine: If more and more people are selling their sites, there will be a need for an Indeed equivalent to help users find the best deal.

Pricing: Liquidity is going be important in a young market like this. Hence, there is an opportunity to create a Zillow for pricing websites. Alternatively, creating an Igglo for websites is also a good way to generate pricing information.

Intelligence services: A favourite theme of mine - create a Reuters alike to service the traders of this market. Aggregate information and trends to help traders decide whether site is under or overvalued. Charting prices, volume et al is also helpful.

Social networks: Create a Covestor service for traders with good record to help manage the investments from other users. The increased funding can assist these traders to purchase bigger sites with more growth potential.

I am sure there are plenty more ideas on this theme. Drop a comment if you have any : )