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Sunday, 13 July 2008

A wishlist for WWGD

I have been looking forward to Jeff Jarvis book, What Would Google Do (WWGD), since the day I knew of its existence. Beyond a doubt, I think it is going to an enlightening read, to say the least. What I hoping is that Jeff will also cover industries beyond yesterday's tired definitions. Industries like those mentioned by Tim O'Reily.

As an incentive for Jeff, I will start posting about the WWGD principle to these industries in future posts. Think of these posts as a fan's wishlist. As a preview, let's look at detecting infectious disease. Applying the WWGD principle will lead the following idea:

The most time consuming in modeling is data collection and the actual crunching. Why not have a platform that provides the raw data and the computing resources? Let the rest of the community work on the modeling itself to produce better prediction models for infectious diseases using online data such as clickstreams, new mention et al. These models should be open to allow for modification by other users. Through these distributed research, it may be possible to have better prediction models in lessor time.

More in future posts.