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Friday, 15 August 2008

Idea generation #45: Power of identi.ca, carbon trading by banks, photoframe 2.0

Power of identi.ca: 2 light bulbs went up when I read this blog. First, what kind of businesses can this enable? Microblogging around lousy products/services? Checked. Emergency broadcast system? Checked. Product twittering? Checked. And..... I stop counting after reaching number 10.

Second, how can we apply this to other 2.0 services. I wonder if it makes sense to do a open source GetSatisfaction or Seesmic or as Marc Cartersuggested, a open source Gnip?

Carbon trading by banks: Is this right? JP morgan getting $200-$400M? Shouldn't these money be allocated to the poorer people who needs it? I think a decentralised system can be built whereby middleman like banks can be cut out so that the gains flow directly to the people. Enable these guys to make a small profit and I am sure a thousand decentralised system will bloom.

Photoframe 2.0: The awakening of product 2.0. Digital photoframes will be the first step. However, don't expect the innovation to stay in this area. As the cost of hardware become cheaper, expect many of our current products to become interactive and create real 2.0 experiences.

Sports business: In case you are not a believer of sports as an a real industry, this article from the Economist should serves as a good introduction.