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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Idea generation #47: Economics of happiness, open source mixtape, power of open source microblogging

Economics of happiness: Happiness as a strategy is becoming an increasing fascination for me (see post here and here). We are so used to organising production resources using output or productivity as the maximising factor. What about happiness? Is a form of externality that should be priced or can it be the sole maximising factor? For example, can a job site ranks jobs according to some happiness index?

Open source Muxtape: Opentape, the open source muxtape application has arrived. Why is this necessary? Well, Mixtape was shut down by RIAA so the community has to take action. Opentape is the end result. With anybody having the ability to set up their own Muxtape equivalent, it will be near impossible for RIAA to act. Open beats closed.

Related to this is the open source microblogging platform, identi.ca. I blogged about how identi.ca can enabled many new applications. Well, the first of many has arrived. Imgfave is a microblogging site focusing on photo sharing. How far are we to use identi.ca to create an open source Tumblr?