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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Idea generation #46: Predictive analysis for injuries, p2p as our future, reminding us to be happy and more

Predictive analysis for sports injuries: An interesting articles talking about the value of speedy recovery to the sports economy. One interesting bit that caught my attention is this:

Prevent injuries by predicting them......Much like the
Moneyball strategy employed by Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, in which teams comb through unusual stats to better evaluate undeveloped talent, the Red Sox hope that Andrews's brand of unconventional testing will crack the mystery of injuries.

This represents an ongoing change where the filtering of data to derive insightful analysis is going to affect all forms of business activities. I blogged about this before but I am constantly amazed by the new opportunities that present themselves.

P2P as our future: An insightful article examining how a different form of organisation, i.e. P2P will affect our future. I am particularly intrigued by the kind of services that can improve lifes in developing countries:

Solar water disinfection (SODIS): put water which is contaminated with disease organisms into a plastic soda pop bottle and leave it in the sun all day. You can use a tinfoil reflector, or put it on a black sheet metal heat collector if you want to be fancy. The UV light and the heat kill most of what would make you sick.

This is a technique you can teach by well-phrased SMS messages. 5 million people a year die of dirty water, many of them children. SODIS won’t get all of them, and it’s not a perfect technique, but it’s easier to get people started on and odds-are many people who only have bad water to drink live in places with abundant sun and available discarded plastic soda bottles…

Can we create then a form of SMS services that serves these info once a day? This will be the equivalent as a-joke-a-day SMS service, but only much more meaningful :)

Reminding us to be happy: A great insight. Marketing needs to stop making us want things. Instead, they need to tell us why we should be happy in the things we have. In fact, marketing should help us rediscover the joy of freedom, the comfort in connecting with others, and the fulfillment of being confident. In order words, marketing needs to know that Happiness is a strategy.

Game industry threatening to sue their own customers: This is hilarious if not a bit sad. The game industry needs to know, as the music industry is realising, that suing is not sustainable. What they need to fix is the business model, not to screw their customers even more. Let's hope gamerenkei can teach them a thing or not.