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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Startup Idea #80: More sports business 2.0

I blogged in 2007 about how new markets such as tickets, sports, virtual worlds et al will bring about the need for a new Bloomberg, Fastsearch, Monitor101 (which unfortunately has closed down) et al.

It is good to see this happening in 2008 with the announcement of Ticket Stumbler, a search engine to find the best deals on the various secondary ticket markets. This is very smart as every new market needs a robust and powerful search to help users find the best deal. So what else can be we do here, specifically in the tickets market?

I think there are still lots of opportunities to aggregate all these market data and build something useful on it.

How about a Farecast to help predict the probability of a ticket price coming up or down? As more data becomes available, it is now possible to find relationships that can help in modeling the predictive model.

Alternatively, there is also opporunity to develop a algorithmic trading platform for people to trade tickets. While there are currently people trading tickets online, to my knowledge, there is no trading tools built to serve their needs. We can further expand on this idea by layering in the social element where traders can share their trading history. This is the Covestor model. The payoff for such a trading tool can be big.

Finally, how about a Seatguru.com to let users know where exactly will they be sitting. If 3D models can be made for every stadium with users reviewing their seating experiences, a powerful tool can be created. If a search can be built on top of this, where users search by the best view, rather than by price et al, it can be a killer application.

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