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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Startup Idea #81: Enabling game developers to connect to fans anywhere

My previous post on "platforms that enable fans to connect" inspired more thinking about the topic. While GameRenkei is focusing on connecting fans through creating hand-made merchandise, there are other ways where gamers connect.

Connecting gamers is already a common idea. This explains why the likes of Xfire, Raptr, GamerDNA, UGame, WePlayThis, and GameStrata are all busy competing to be the MySpace for Gamers. None of these however addresses of connecting the independent developers with their fans and in the process, create a new form of publishing market, like what Topspin is trying to do for independent bands.

Unlike music, games require a different set of tools for fans to communicate with the developers and among themselves. Feature requests, game modding, virtual items, different skins et al are distinct things that gamers typically talk about. All these requests the game assets to be very plastic such that they can be modified by fans. If we can capture a platform that enables that kind of conversation and interaction to take place, we will have create a very valuable service to the community.

Further, if we can distribute these forms of services such that they can be used at the developer's choice of destination, be it their own blog, or social network et al, it will be more useful than creating another independent microsite.

All these sounds very exciting to me as a gamer. How does this sound to you?

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