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Monday, 25 August 2008

Startup Idea #85: Small idea-Exposing social networks in social networks

We have formed a partnership with Friendster as part of our effort to help our local startups break into global markets. Breaking into such markets has been difficult especially in this part of the world where connections are not as strong. We hope that though such partnerships, our startups have a better chance to achieve the success they desired.

As part of the partnership, Friendster and my office will conduct a joint call for innovative applications on their platforms. Successful applicants can then receive some micro funding (S$50,000) to develop their applications as well as marketing support from Friendster to push their applications out to market.

After the announcement was made, I started helping startups develop their ideas. One strong theme that came out during the discussions was this: social networks are meant for connections, and not for anything else. Very strangely though, you see very little applications that focus on managing your social connections.

Yes, there are countless applications that allows 'friends' to share media/information and to conduct in endless gift giving but these are not what I meant.

Image representing Xobni as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase, source unknown
The class of applications I am referring to are more inline with things like MyBlogLog and Xobni.
Applications that help to expose the social networks around you so that you can better manage them. Why isn't that an app that shows who has viewed your profile? Why can't I know who are my real friends as determined by the exact communication that have happen within the network? (Maybe there are. If you know any, do drop a comment and let me know).

Anyway, I hope that more apps appear that help to expose our real social networks and hopefully better utilise them.