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Monday, 8 September 2008

Startup Idea #86 (Part II): Turning social networks into data driven businesses

(See part 1 of the post here)

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days. My laptop got stolen ($#@&%) so have to get a new one before I can start blogging again.

As promised, here are some ideas of how social networks can be turned into data driven businesses that can help reshaped stale industries:

Beauty Treatment: Sort of like PatientsLikeMe but with a focus on beauty related treatments. This includes things like diet treatments, acme solutions, hair products et al. User can share their treatment experiences and outputs while we provide analytics, aggregation and visualisation tools to help the community figure out which type of beauty treatment works for which type of body types. If this product can be focused on teens, this is a potentially big market to go after.

Small Business Owners: With more and more people getting sick of corporate life and wishing to have a small business of their own, I see a need for a community to share their little experiences in starting and growing a small businesses. The type of businesses can range from a one man shop in Cafepress to a Ebay seller. With clear visualisation tools, we can provide a easy way for the community to understand what works and what don't for these small businesses.

Job Experiences: I really surprised that not much attention has been put into this area. We all know how our work sucks. Maybe there are better jobs out there that fit our personality and skills? Where is the Google Analytics equivalent that can show these information to me? Let me know how long this person with a personality similar to mine last on this particular job. Let me see where all my friends with the same degree stayed the longest. Let me have a Last.fm audioscibbler equivalent to automatically record what I do each day and summarise that to my community to let know what am I acutally doing each day.

Equipment hacks: People are known to hack their own stuff to make it better. Just google for 'PSP hacks' to see what I mean. The thing is: nobody knows how effective a hack is until it has been done. There is no aggreation tool to let people record the experiences of their hacks and summarises that to inform the rest of the community. I think this is a sorely needed product. There are so much stuff out there that can be hacked: gadgets, cars (mods), toys et al. We need a PatientsLikeMe equivalent to share the hacking experiences.

I am sure there many more ideas. If you have one, why not drop a comment?