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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Startup Idea #88: Data driven business ideas in healthcare

For anyone interested in using data to improve their industries, here are some recent studies that might give you ideas to build your next startup that solves real issues.

Farecast for hurricane evacuations / Farecast for natural disasters :A personal online prediction tool for the ideal time for evacuation would help businesses, government and individuals to better manage hurricane risk. If we can allow various ways to parse the data to show e.g. the cost of evacuation vs probability of being hit, the number of false positives, the different routes to evacuation, (combining with GPS data) the least crowded evacuation route et al, I think a lot of useful information can be teased out.

Weatherbill for retirement planning: Weatherbill represents, to me, how a modern investment bank should run. Leveraging on technology and cheap computational cycles, it should run complex algorithms at very low cost to provide personalisation of financial products at individual level. While Weatherbill is doing so for weather derivatives, there are opportunities to build the same platform for other products such as the retirement planning tool highlighted in the article.

Farecast for premature births: This is rather powerful and in my mind, will bring lots of benefits to all mothers-to-be. Looking at the statistics quoted, improving any form accruacy will yield improvements in human lives.
About 17,000 pre-term births occur in Australia each year. Premature birth is responsible for 70 per cent of new born baby deaths and 50 per cent of cerebral palsy cases.

If we pipe in the community data sharing features of PatientsLikeMe, the amount of value that can be created will be tremendous.