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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Startup Idea #91: Open source mechanisms for game monetisation

As I learned about different monetisation methods offered by companies to independent game developers, I am both thrilled and worried. I am thrilled at the way game industry is creating different value chains for the smaller guys. Things like Nonoba's payment API or Kongregate's advertising programme are innovative business models that bypasses traditional value chains.

However, I am also worried that these platforms now control all the information and power. The power imbalance will surely become an issue. What if these services decide not to continue their operations? What if they demand higher commissions?

I think what we need is something akin to OpenX for the game industry where developers can control their
monetisation mechanisms. A system where developers can host any of the monetisation mechanisms, can change the code anyway they want and to own any consumer data that is captured.

I think such open approach is critical to truly democratise the gaming industry. It is something exciting to me and I hope someone will work on this in the near future.