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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Link based journalism

Scott Karp is on fire recently. His interpretation on the importance of links to disrupt the news industry is sharp, insightful and totally on the money. If you have not read his blog, here are some recommended links (to practice what he preaches):

  1. Starting of the link journalism manifesto, which in turn is based on Jeff Javier's 'do what you do best and link to the rest' memo;
  2. While link journalism is about an individual post or news item, the equvialent of link journalism is what Scott terms networked link journalism. This is in effect using similar citation methodology as practiced by the likes of Google;
  3. Link journalism can be used to power local reporting;
  4. Examples of link journalism: GoVolsExtra.com and WashiontonPost.

Of the important issues that came out of this, one that struck me is the issue of determining the best links. Scott, in his networked link journalism post, seems to favor using professional journalists as the filter. I disagree. I think every blogger, writer, twitterer is already a 'professional' journalists in their own way, linking to article or research that interest them. What we need are ways for people to choose their preferred network of link sources, be they friends, bloggers or journalists, and aggregate the common links that this network gathers.

I also think that aggregating these links from your network should be implict, rather than explicit, i.e. requiring effort to bookmark them in some bookmarking site. There should be an extraction engine that looks at your preferred network's links, and automatically surface the most cited ones. What the user needs to do is simply to feed the engine with their preferred news sources.

If we can do the above, what we will have will not be something like this:

Rather, it will be a frontpage filled with the best links from the sources selected by you.

Updated: Somebody asked me how is this different from RSS readers. This is quite obvious. RSS readers let you selects your preferred sources but do not surface the best ones. That is the most important difference.