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Monday, 29 December 2008

How to you build better equity?

This question has been bugging me for the past weeks ever since Umair Haque wrote about it in his post on the Great Rebalancing and Four Ways to Build a Better Economy. I thought I would throw it out for those who want to engage in deeper discussions on how do you exactly go about building better equity.

Firstly, how does better equity look like? Is it going to in a form that invests in human capital and creativity? If so, will it look like Ycombinator or Sellaband or both. Are they indications of what are things to come? Will this will evolve into markets for human equity contracts?

Secondly, how do we evolve better ways to manage equity? The current tools don't cut it but what are their potential replacements? Will it be in the form of real time communications, powered by the likes of Twiiter? Will it be a new form people-powered rating agencies? Will it be zero intelligence where the management decisions are made by the community i.e. Threadless?

Lastly, how can we scale these systems up so that any next generation innovator can build on top of it? How do we reduce friction of employing such new management techniques?

A lot of questions with no answers. Any takers?

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