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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Idea generation #50 (Part II): Markets for electricity

Energy is really just another form of 'content' or data that travels across a network. We saw how businesses in media content have been revolutionized by the Internet. Will the energy sector be revolutionized as well, by the coming of smart grids and smart meters that are plugged into the Internet? If every home and building will have one and it too will be connected to the Net, this will provide energy efficiency and numerous revenue opportunities.

Some thoughts:
  • Who is going to be the Dell of the smart meters? Better yet, who is going to be the BugLabs
  • Who is going to provide software and applications to connect the Web to the Energy Net?
  • Who is going to manage the data, to filter and provide context to empower users to make decisions? To be the Amazon for providing useful recommendations for energy consumption?
  • Who is going to put all these information into mobiles and enable real time energy control?
Part 1: Idea generation #50: Markets for energy

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