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Friday, 12 December 2008

Startup Idea #103: Spot.US for blogs

Spot.Us is a non-profit project that pioneers 'community funded reporting'. It is a really good idea that plays on the concept of intention market, where users indicate what they want and vendors respond accordingly. I believe this concept can be applied to blogging as well.

Many times, I have wished there was someway I can express my desire to read some topics from a particular blogger. For instance, I wish Fred Wilson can write a series of posts about hacking finance, hacking healthcare et al, and I don't mind putting a monetary value.

The idea, hence is create a distributed Spot.Us platform where blog readers can suggest the topics they want to read by the particular blogger and contribute a monetary amount if the topic was written.
Other blog readers should be able contribute to the topics that was suggested in a threaded format. Of course, the blogger will have the ability to delete any topic he/she doesn't want to write about.

The platform will be more useful is all the different topics that were suggested across different blogs can be aggregated, Disqus style. This can then create intention markets where bloggers can see what are the topics readers want to read about and how much they are willing to pay for it. It is also a good way to see trends in readers' interests.