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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Startup Idea #109: 6 Twitter ideas

Happy thanks giving and here are some ideas for a lazy post-Christmas morning. They are all based on the concept that Twitter has become a growing platform. We need context to make sense of all the talking that is going on. This, I believe, will spawn many niche opportunities that a startup can pursue.

Some of these are trivial and some may seem totally unrealistic, but hey, it is post Christmas right?
  • Sports Talk: A stock twits equivalent for sports. Let users tag their tweets with the club name. MANU for manchester united, LIV for liverpool et al. Create a chart to show the level of support from the strength of the conversations. You might even allow users to place small wagers via tipjoy....

  • A Weebly for creating Twitter-based community sites: This idea came from a Techcrunch post mentioning why Twitter needs a group function. The example used was Twitter mums. What if you made it easy for non-technical people to create their own Twitter mums equivalent? A site/group builder that integrates into Twitter and offers all the community features such as blogging, forum et al.

  • Twitter for education: Edmodo is leading the charge here. How other things can we do? How do we turn the phone into a mobile learning tool via Twitter?

  • Twitter as an invitation tool: Most the invite systems are too time consuming. Twitter can be a light weight invite tool for simple events like lunches, small gathering et al. Just type in the place, time and a brief description of the event, and send. People can used rsvp via the reply function and the software will keep track of who is going.

  • Platform for mobile novels: I post about the emergence of Twiller a while ago (see post here). Coupled this with the successful model of Japan's cellphone novel and it is not hard to see Twitter becoming a platform for a new wave of book writers. What we need is a few simple functions added to Twitter's API such as payment, search and fiter (to find these books) et al to make Twitter into a publishing platform for cellphone novels.

  • A Twitter version of Flirtomatic: Flirtomatic is a successful mobile dating site that focuses on light weight virtual gifts that make flirting a fun activity. Can we add the virtual gift component to Twitter, plus some dating mechansims, to make Twiter into a dating service with virtual gifts as the revenue model?

That is from me. Have a great thanks giving!