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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

3 ideas for events related mobile advertising

My study into the mobile sector continues as I am finishing the book "Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media:cellphone, cameraphone, iphone and smartphone" by Tomi T Ahonen. It is a book that gives you great insights into the opportunities of the mobile industry.

During the reading, I cam across the idea of events based mobile advertising. This somehow felt right to me, rather than the much hyped location based ads (the over-killed Starbucks example).

Events based advertising rely on the same logic as when you search for an item on Google: your intention has been made known loud and clear. When you attend a U2 concert, it is obvious you love U2. When you go for a Man United game, it is clear you are a fan of the club.If intentions are clear, then it makes sense for advertising to take place as more relevant information can be served to the users.

Using this logic, I thought of some startup ideas that I have scribed below for reference. Please feel free to add to them or even do a startup on them:

Build a map-based platform for events advertising. Imagine a map based interface with a sms based input system. Allow event organiser to upload the floorplan into the platform wher users can download them for navigation purposes. Booth participants can then sms their booth numbers and messages such as special 15 min discounts, special events et al to the platform where they will appear as icons on the floorplan (See example : Virgin Festival Buddy). To the event participants, this application offers a map based navigation as well as useful information for special events or promotions.

Ringtone broadcast service for events: Create a service where musicians or sports teams can create powerful engagement through ringtones during concerts or sports matches. Prior or during the events, give participants the options to download the ringtone. The platform can then call these phones simultaneous during specific trigger points. For example, when a band plays the song that was offered as the ringtone, all phones that downloaded the ringtone would ring, creating a powerful crowd effect. If the user picks up the call, they can be offered discounts to merchandise or joining the fan club. All these should be done is a user friendly interface where any event organiser can use. (See Reebok example)

Event based games: Location based games are actually fun (Google for botfighters) but the fact that they need users to be close geographically kills the network effect. However, such a game can be offered during events that advertisers can sponsor. The close proximity of the event participants makes location based games a powerful engagement tool for brands (See World's Worst War example)