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Friday, 16 January 2009

How do you scale organisation design?

It is no secret that Threadless has been regarded as an excellent example of cutting edge organisation design. However, due to the cost of shipping, I don't think Threadless has managed to penetrate every possible country, the way pure digital companies like Youtube and Facebook has done. This is a crying shame. We can all do with more cool stuff in our lives.

This got me thinking about the issue of scaling organisation designs.

  • It is now commonplace for companies to offer APIs to scale their product, data or service. However, how do you enable others to tap into your organisation design?

  • Innovators like Threadless is not about technology. It is relative easy to develop a site builder that allows any startup to create a site that is similar to Threadless in functionality. These innovators are about new ways to organise resouces, from your talent to your supplier. However, how to you create a 'site builder' that contains these organised resources?

Scaling organisation designs is one way that I think can fasten the fusion of 21st century economics into our crippled economy. Just like how APIs fasten technology fusion from company to company, we need to think of a scaleable way to uplift the DNA of entire industries. Anyone who can provide that might just have the ticket to the pot of gold at tne end of the rainbow.