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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New forms of interaction as value drivers for media

Media industry needs new sources of revenue.

New ways on interaction is often the key to unlocking these new values.

The success of RockBand has showed us how enabling fans to interact with their music opens up huge revenue possibility. This Wired article showed us others.

Even within games, Wii has shown how a new interaction can add tremendous value to a medium that is already interactive by nature.

So, if you are a startup in the media space, you can:

  • Think about novel ways for people to interact more with their media. Need examples? See the video below for a cool demonstration.

  • Think about the elements within a media and how to make them interactive. For music, it might be lyrics, instruments, vocals et al. For video, it might be story, characters, fashion et al. How can we enable users to do more with elements?

  • Think about how to enable cross collaborations between the talent of different medias. Take the music and game example. Now that we are beginning to see music being sold as games, can we create an open marketplace for game developers to find music artists as partners? Enabling such connections is part of the new business of bridging gaps between areas of competencies.