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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Short blogs and Tumblr are my news filter

I myself enjoying short blogs and tumblr more and more. On my iGoogle, you can find the following;

They are becoming my news filter. They helped me find the most relevant news, articles, quotes, thoughts, ideas et al on the Web. I checked them out religiously to satisfy my reading needs.

What they recommend is something that cannot be done by algorithm. The main reason they are interesting because they point to different things, different perspective and ideas that a machine will have a hard time learning. This speaks to the difference between people powered and machine powered recommendation systems. I think the future of media will be driven by the former, rather than the latter.

However, what I am doing now is not perfect. What if instead of 5, I have 50 tumblrs to follow? Is there a service that helps me aggregate all the content that these tumblrs point to and put them in a feeds-like interface for me to scan through? There should be a techmeme like button for me to click open and read the comments these authors may have made on the content they point to.

I think a news service that is powered by people is the way to go. One that lets users choose which people goes into powering the system. If you know of such services, do drop a note so that I can use it.