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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Startup Idea #81(Part II): Enabling game developers to connect to fans anywhere

The revolution of the music continues as I am constantly amazed by innovative music services created by small startups. It is a powerful learning journey for me as I see how these startups are rewritting the value chain of music, from distribution to market research. Here are a few recent ones I noticed:

SoundCloud: Enabling a new form of direct distribution, all wrapped up in an easy-to-use package. Helping to move data around, i.e. the distribution, is going to be more and more important.

Bandmetrics: The Google analytics of music. It crawls the web for semantic data indicating name recognition, music trends and fan interests. This allows artists and groups to adjust their image and strategy as they go to have the best shot at making it big.

BandCamp: I have mentioned this before but want to highlight it again. Helping musicians to create a web presence that belongs to them is cool and I wish these guys all the best.

Can these models be applicable to the game industry and help independent game developers make a decent living? Why not?

- How do independent game developers create a presence on the web?

- Is there an application that lets game developers track how their games are faring across different sites and platforms?

- Beyond analytics, is there recommendation services that suggest how game developers can grow their traffic, based on how other similar games have grown theirs?

- What kind of innovative distribution services that can be developed for games? Is there a need for a soundcloud equvialent?

- How do we enable fans to easily remix the games that they love? Can a third party provider help?

If you know of any cool startups that are rewriting the game industry, do drop a note here.

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Startup Idea #81: Enabling game developers to connect to fans anywhere