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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Uplifting our industry

This year will be an important one for us at the office. For the past 2 years, we have funded 250 projects to build a base. Now that the base is maturing, it is time to venture out.

We will be doing lots of interesting stuff this year. Stuff that few people have the chance to do it. I mean, how often are you given the opportunity to shape an entire nation's digital media strategy?

One of the things we will be doing is to emulate Google's strategy of relentless experimentation on a nationwide basis. This means we will be consolidating nation-wide demand for our funded companies to conduct radical experiments, using common resources that each of our funded companies have contributed in kind. These include detailed map data, location information, sensor data, cloud computing et al.

We are not sure what is the right way to do this as a nation but I am excited to be part of all these. I am sure there will be lots of things that we can learn along the way. If you are interested in our experiments, do watch this space.

Btw, information on the things we do can be found at www.idm.sg.