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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Insights from Google's Jonathan Rosenberg

Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's VP for product management has written a thoughtful long post. It touches on many of the important trends that are important. If you are a startup, take notice and spot where the opportunities are:
All the world's information will be accessible from the palm of every person
More than three billion people have mobile phones, with 1.2 billion new phones expected to be sold this year. More Internet-enabled phones will be sold and activated in 2009 than personal computers. China is a prime example of where these trends are coming together. It has more Internet users than any other country, at nearly 300 million, and more than 600 million mobile users — 600 million!

My Comment: That is why, my dear readers, I am so hot on mobile. It is going to bring greater evolution than what the PC has bought. Read the mobile pearls posts (part 1, part 2) for inspirations on the kind of innovation products/services that are already entering the market.
the interplay between high-quality content, search algorithms, and personal information is just beginning.
Why should a user have to ask us a question to get the information she needs? With her permission, why don't we surf the web on her behalf, and present interesting and relevant information to her as we come across it?

My comment: Search and serendipity. Two sides of the same coin. It is going to be a very productive area to watch.

The evolution of online news
The experience of consuming news on the web today fails to take full advantage of the power of technology. It doesn't understand what users want in order to give them what they need. When I go to a site like the New York Times or the San Jose Mercury, it should know what I am interested in and what has changed since my last visit. If I read the story on the US stimulus package only six hours ago, then just show me the updates the reporter has filed since then (and the most interesting responses from readers, bloggers, or other sources). If Thomas Friedman has filed a column since I last checked, tell me that on the front page. Beyond that, present to me a front page rich with interesting content selected by smart editors, customized based on my reading habits (tracked with my permission).

My comment: Online news is still a wide open area but innovations have stopped. What we are seeing are clones all over.

There are many more nuggets in that post including data and cloud computing. I recommend you read it in its entirety.

(Note: Sorry for the lack for structure. I am still recovering from too much alocohol at my D&D last night)