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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Is there a room for an Asian Offerpal?

I have listening to feedback from my funded startups that Offerpay doesn't provide enough monetisation options for their users. Most of them have have heavy users in this part of the world. This means most of the offers in Offerpal doesn't apply.

There is a delay in digital adaption by our market research firms and our advertisers in general, relative to US. For example, I still see many surveys done by face-to-face which completely

I think there is an opportunity for someone to bring together the current traditional market research companies, offer them the opportunities in social networks, and pull their survey needs for the startups in social networks to tap on as a revenue stream.

Beyond survey, polls etc, the bigger opportunity is to think about creating better forms of tools to gather insights from online communities, to let organizations 'listen' better. Think prediction markets, engagement marketing etc

What is your view?