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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Mobile link journalism

Link journalism is a new form of journalism that is made available by the Web. Companies such as Publish2 are providing the infrastructure that powers this new model. I believe, however that a mobile link infrastructure makes more sense because the revenue models seem clearer.

Imagine you are a journalist and you provide daily headlines of what you think are important stories. Users can subscribe to your daily sms, which is offered free. However, if users want to get the whole story, they will have to pay premium sms for each click. That payment becomes the revenue model for journalists and you will get a small cut for providing the application.

Mobile journalism can also be more immediate and that immediacy may be a value that users will pay for. Imagine a journalist covering crisis events through mobile. Users may pay for the latest coverage through their mobile.

What do you think? Is mobile link journalism a more viable path to unlocking a new model for journalism?

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