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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mobile pearls: examples of innovative mobile services

I find that real examples are the best way to communicate opportunities and concepts. Nothing beats the fact that you can see and understand. Hence, I will be doing a weekly or biweekly post called mobile pearls that links to real products/services that illustrates the 7 unique benefits of mobile and the opportunities they represent.

(Note: This mobile pearl concept is from Mr Tomi's excellent ebook (which I have given up buying due to the problems in 'PainPal').

Once I have collected 100 pearls, I will complied them into a free ebook for easy reference. If you have examples of mobile pearls, grateful if you can point to them in the comments section.

Event based mobile commerce for fashion shows:
all the fashion items featured in the shows were available for purchase via your mobile phone as soon as they were debuted on the runway. So, if you take a fancy to the red and white CECIL McBee dress that the third model was wearing, you can buy it instantly on your phone and have it delivered the next day, therefore being on the absolute cutting edge of Tokyo Fashion.

Mobagetown: Mobile games, SNS and avatars

MobageTown previously cooperated with Nike:
buy a real world Nike item from one of their mobile auction sites or shops and you would get free Nike merchandise for your avatar. For the people that want to match their avatar to their RL appearance, this must be a major ‘yes, I’ll buy it’ reason.

Integrating real world merchandise with virtual items will be a very powerful revenue model. I expect we will see many such models in the near future.

Purohu: A mobile profile service using game mechanisms
The Strategic Purohu service is all about completing personal profiles. By simply answering the questions given by the service, user completes his/her profile. There are nearly a hundred questions including "What's your dream car?" or "Your favorite song at Karaoke" as well as pretty basic questions. While not all of these questions are mandatory, the more questions a user answers, the more complete the user's profile becomes. So it's like Linked In for teens on mobile.

3VOOR12 is piloting a new heat-mapping system at Lowlands music festival
Using familiar web terminology—Hot or Not—the festival's visitors will be able to let others know which of twelve venues is hosting the hottest show at any particular moment. The voting system will run on a mobile app that users can download to their internet-enabled phones.

Now, imagine if we can further engage with the user by letting them become a fan club of the hottest show.....

Pumbby: A cross operator approach to ad supported mobile sms services:
pays cash to users regardless of the mobile network they subscribe to. When users sign up for Pumbby online, they simply indicate which network they use and how many ads they are willing to receive each day.

Dance Fabulous
Dance Fabulous is a sort of rhythm action title, in which you create and customise an avatar then build a range of dance moves into your own routine. Apparently, there are plans to integrate with Nokia's music store so you can get the character to dance to real tracks. You'll also be able to upload your dance routines to a community site.

The child of Guitar hero and Cyworld. A very lethal combination.

Chokkan Band
The sensor on the phone detects movement, making it possible for anyone to use the phone as a guitar, violin or any other instrument you can think of.

Totally awesome application of one of mobile's unique ability of being available at the point of creative pulse. You can play Guitor Hero on your console but when you are out of home and wants to party with friends, mobile is your only way to do it.

TV Play Along - The next generation of viewer participation
Instead of the limited interaction of SMS or call-in formats, PlayToTV offers continuous social and massive multiplayer game play for the entire home audience. The majority of viewers that turn into participants today already use their mobile phone as their primary mean of interaction, and more and more people watch TV near or on their computer.

Truly understanding how mobile is can unlock complementary gains to traditional media.

Axe's Wake Up Service
Set up personalised wake up calls to mobile via pc. In the process of this, a relevant model appears on screen and, simultaneously, the mobile phone rings and the user can her 'talking to him' and confirming the call.

The BMW campaign
They ran a campaign of under 120,000 MMS picture messages. And that miniscule mobile phone campaign resulted in 45 million - million - dollars in additional business. Business that wes directly attributable - and accurately attributed - to the 120,000 mobile phone messages.

We are just beginning to see how engagement marketing happens on the mobile and the BMW is a great example.