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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mobile Pearls II

Here are 10 more mobile pearls that shows innovative mobile services:

User generated 'explanatory' books
The book series allows users to create their own “self explanation.” The results, the user’s own explanatory “book” can be forwarded as a text to friends and family.
(Mobile novels or books will continue to gain more market and we will see more innovations such as the above in this space.)

Virtual hairstyle makeover
With this free service users simply choose a hairstyle from the modeled looks, take their own portrait photo with their mobile phone camera, and enter it into the system to receive a version of the photo modified with the new look.
(Imagine this to be a engagement model where users can opt in to receive periodic updates on the latest hairstyles, with their faces as the model. If users like the look, they can book an appointment with any of the participating saloons. Another example of ads as content)

Adva Mobile
Adva Mobile provides a software service for music artists to create closer relations with their fans on their mobile phones.
(This is what I was talking about on post on creating mobile music startups. Well, one is now taken. There are still four others to consider...)

allows users to customize their own set of sneakers according to their physical surroundings. You simply take a picture of something on your camera phone and then send this pic off to a shortcode via MMS. The NIKEiD website then picks out the two strongest colours from your image and uses them to colour your custom sneakers. Within a minute, you are sent a link with your design superimposed over the original source of pantone inspiration.
(I see this powerful example of offline-online as something that will become more mainstream as more products allows personalization. It fully leverages the unique ability of mobile to be available at the point of creative impulse)

Mobile medical lab
It is a new way of doing images of cells and bacteria
(This is something I will be watching closely. Mobile has the potential to disrupt health monitoring devices, the way it is disrupting camera phones and music players. Paired it with an app store model and we will see a truly powerful new chain in personal healthcare.)

Megapixel Microscopy
Having trouble reading the ingredient list on a small packet, for example? Simply snap it with your INNOV8 (or similar) and then zoom in a couple of notches to see the microscopic text at huge size
(The potential uses for such zooming capabilities will be tremendous.)

Cellphone colleges
Cyber University, the nation's only university to offer all classes only on the Internet, began offering a class on mobile phones Wednesday on the mysteries of the pyramids.
(Reinventing education on mobile is very cool.)

Nomadic Schools in Africa
Students can access lessons, revision, careers guidance, cultural and medical information on their mobile phone. It is a means of connecting students and teachers.

SnapNow in Brasil
Educate visitors about Brazil’s tourist product in seconds, simply by taking a photo of Brazil(A new form of search and interaction on mobile. Great example on how image recognition will be a step up from barcodes. See another example here by the same company)

Sponsored ringback service

TonlaKazan subscribers can choose a branded message that people hear - instead of a standard ringtone - when they call that subscriber. The subscribers would then earn free airtime depending on how many people called and how long they listened to the advertisements.
(If the ads are co-created like Blyk, this can be a valuable form of 'advertisements'.)

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