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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Twitter is cooler when it becomes mainstream

Alan Patrick wrote an interesting post that touches on whether Twitter is still 'cool', given that it seems to gaining mass adoption. Personally, I think the opposite. I feel that technology can only be cool once it becomes transparent and merges into our daily lives. This is when we can start to do interesting and useful things.

StockTwits, TweetDeck etc are only the beginning. They are early hints on what is possible when we move to real time, human to human conversations. In fact, we will see much more powerful changes as the web becomes more real time.

How will things change when we get real time feedback about our work? What would happen when companies can tap into conversations anytime to discuss about their product designs, the pain points of their customers, the way that things should be done? Will education be enhanced with real time conversations between students and their peers on the topic of their interest? Can we change how we are organised based on real time communications?

As I said, Twitter become interesting when it is mainstream. Only then can we have a platform to truly explore how things can be better with real time conversations.